From wet waste

to value

– Superior patented drying technology



Waister patents

Waister holds a number of patents covering our mixing and drying technology. Waister machines are protected with the following patents:

  • NO339253: Fremgangsmåte og system for behandling av minst ett stoff til et tørket,
    fragmentert, virvlet sluttprodukt
  • NO336501: Substans-fragmenteringsanordning
  • NO339254: Anordning for virvling og tørking av minst ett fragmentert stoff
  • NO339255: Anordning for virvling av minst ett fragmentert stoff
  • PCT/NO2014/050080: A method, a system and devices for processing at least one substance into a dried, fragmented, fluidized end product
  • PCT/NO2014/050081: A method and a device for making a multi-components product material

Waister patents pending

As part of our continuous research and development efforts, we currently have the following patens pending:

  • NO343915: System and method of drying solid materials and liquid-solid mixtures
  • PCT/NO2019/050007: Modular system and process of drying solids and liquid-solid mixtures
  • PCT/NO2020/050259: Improved heat pump