From wet waste

to value

– Superior drying technology


Develop and implement sustainable cleantech solutions for businesses, enable new revenue streams and create a positive impact on the environment.


Our technology is now proven in 3 separate market segments, each with global potential

Food Waste

Food production typically results in a number of by-products that traditionally have been regarded as waste and not as new raw materials for other processes.

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Brewer's Spent Grain

Creating a Plus Product from Beer Mesh by using spent grain (waste) from the production, and turning it into a valuable feed product.

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Land based aquaculture is growing world wide. We are taking care of residual fish sludge, and turning it into a valuable biofertilizer.

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The technology

Waister technology transforms wet waste fractions with short shelf life and costly logistics into storable and transportable Plus products. Building value chains with recurring revenue.