From wet waste

to value

– Superior drying technology


About us

Waister is a company based on the idea of transforming wet waste into reusable products – From wet waste to value.

Wet waste creates a lot of costly logistics, often it causes smell, spills and can attract insects and rodents as it deteriorates fast.

Logistics related to wet waste handling is intensive. Frequent collection and the use of specialized trucks are common.

Wet waste is generally difficult to recycle or reuse and has traditionally been dumped in landfills. This represents both a waste of resources as well as a source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Waister enables reuse and upcycling of wet waste fractions through superior drying technology. Turning wet waste into storable and transportable raw materials creates opportunities to upcycle it to plus products. Examples are bio-fertilizers, biogas booster, feed ingredients or pet food ingredients.